Session 16

August 6th, 2019

The Best Reality TV Show Ever

Lauren Wendorf-Chandler


  • It's Naked & Afraid
  • PROTEIN is key
  • Bow drills are useless

Optimus Prime

Steve Swanson


  • Transformers was first released in 1984
  • Steve also transforms! Can't go back tho
  • Optimus Prime has died & returned 15+ times

Influence Any Audience

Kate Hainsworth


  • It's called the loud clap
  • The key is to trap a pocket of air between your palms
  • *loud clapping ensues*

5 Minutes To History

Whitney Williams


  • Who are we and what are we doing here?
  • Aliens built Stonehenge
  • Life is a series of 5-minute increments, interrupted by the occasional Black Friday

Bravo for Bravo

Katie Felton


  • Bravo is all about luxurious lifestyles
  • "That's a lot of white people" but it's getting better
  • The first ever Bravocon is this year

Getting Involved in Mental Health Awareness Efforts in Austin

Cat Conner


How to Learn a Language in 2 Months

Kell Pogue


  • Learn Esperanto!
  • Created by one man - L.L. Zamenhof
  • Letters with hats!

Experiences Working at RMN as Told Through Meerkat Gifs

Code2College Interns


  • Jacob loves pretzels
  • Line breaks are key
  • Struggling allows you to learn valuable lessons