Session 17

November 14th, 2019

Practice, Practice, Practice

Keith Hall


  • Keith loved to draw as a (adorable) kid
  • You can find tutorials on YouTube from great artists
  • Embrace ugly, and sketchbooks aren't precious


Pri Garimalla


  • Watts are just units of power
  • 500 dudes on bikes can charge a Tesla in an hour
  • One banana is very roughly equal to an iPhone charge

The Simple Joy of Stabbing Wool

Victoria Vanderbach


  • Use special felting needles - they have barbs
  • Strategic stabbing is how you form shapes
  • The key is to stab straight in, straight out

How Computer

Whitney Williams


  • How did we get from a battery wired to a lightbulb to cat videos?
  • Lots of tiny switches
  • You can do addition with electricity