Session 7

December 15, 2016

0 to Hero in Photoshop (j/k GIMP cause free)

Alex Dougal

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  • Find an embarassing photo of your target
  • Use the Lasso Tool to cut them out
  • Save on transparency
  • Paste into a more better scenario
  • Step 4. Profit

Zen & the Art of Hyperdrive Repair

Ruthie Fleming


  • filters?

The Dark Arts: Folding Fitted Sheets

Polina Koronkevich

Watch A Video
We didn't record the talk, but this is a pretty good demo by someone else.

1996 a year in film

Brian Kennedy

Hey, remember that time Brian signed up to give a talk about 1996 but instead gave a talk about sports movies and also managed to include Air Bud? That was fun.

Backpacking that doesn't stink

Aneel Nazareth

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  • Pack very little
  • Wash tonight, wear tomorrow
  • Use a towel to wring more water out of your clothes

Cholesterol Counts.

Nam Nguyen

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  • No more vegetable oil
  • Ghee is your friend
  • So is Lard


Courtney Scarborough

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  • You can get started for less than $16
  • - great starting resource
  • Cheat by thickening a downstroke

Stacks: Not Just for Tech

Red Gardner

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  • Fully cool before you do anything
  • 1 dowel per 2" of cake height
  • The most important step: Eat the Cake.