Session 1

April 30, 2015

How do I look cool in jeans?

Leah Eckelberger

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  • DO: Check fit for waist, rise, leg shape, and butt.
  • DO NOT: Cuppage, sandwich butt, or diaper butt

You can measure the waist-fit of jeans by wrapping the waistband around your neck. Overlapping ends: might be too big. Ends don't touch: probably too small. The edges touch but don't overlap: GOLDILOCKS!

Hipchat, Jira, & Confluence Tips

Shaun Dubuque

Shaun's Notes


  • File and Link history is permanent and goes back forever in HipChat!
  • 'e' : Edit Issue (Jira)
  • 'a' : Assign Issue (Jira)
  • 'g', 'r' : Recently viewed pages (Wiki)

Game Jamz

Julia Lopez-Mobilia

The Black Screen isn't so scary

Kyle Smith

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  • (i=20; while (( i-- )); do sleep 3s; say 'I will remember to lock my computer'; done)&

  • !! : Do that command again
  • ^old^new

Squats like a boss

Eddie Saenz

Squat Tips

  • Feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart
  • Toes pointed slightly out
  • Chest out
  • Head up (at that motivational poster)
  • Reach back with your butt

A command by any other name

Jared Stilwell

Ermagerd, you can `beerme` at your prompt!!!!

Stop sitting all day!

Vivian Chang


  • Normal range of motion is 130º, not 90º :(
  • Clasp hands behind your back, open the chest
  • Twists are good for the digestion
  • Lay on ground, legs up on wall. Inversion benefits plus good for insomnia!

My best financial tip

Cotter Cunningham

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"People say to me, you seem like a smart guy, you should write a book – I did!"

Invest in a 401k. Invest early.

Cotter's Book : "Don't buy this book" –Cotter Cunningham

How the #$!@ is [Company Name] Worth $1 Billion?!?

Justin Chang
& Paul Milani

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Valuation is one half comparing to similar transactions, one half potential revenue, all things considered.

Black-Scholes Model - All you need to know

Hyper-Key is your new best friend

Casey Hunt

Caps Lock is stupid, let's do something interesting with it.